“Born and bred Melbournian. Proud father of 2 monkeys. Outgoing & welcoming to all. Keeping the balance of fun and business is key to myself. Lover of all sports. My journey as a barber started like most- at home on family and friends. I’ll never forget how I used to use a Mach 3 Gillette razor to cut hair. Inspired by my long time hairstylist, Aaron, I was notified about barber courses. Fast forward to today, I stand here as a shop owner”.


A 31 year-old hair stylist originally from Malaysia. Lee has trained with Biba Academy since 2012, and worked in Fleet St Barbers until May 2019. After a 5 year journey of men’s hairdressing in Fleet St Barbers, she undertook a new challenge working as company director at Meticulous Room. The name “Meticulous” comes from her passion & consistency with every single client, making sure to provide home styling and maintenance advice. She thanks all of her families, the Divitaris family and all her clients who have supported her through her journey.